Important information about Silent Gliss tracks

Because of Silent Gliss’ order process, we cannot fulfill an order for any of their products without first receiving from your side the sheet below, completed with the minimum required details.


How to fill the sheet

Although most fields in the upper part of the form are self-explanatory, below is a description for the rest.

Please note that all of the fields below are required.

System Number The product model, for instance ‘6870’ if it’s a Silent Gliss 6870 track.
Colour The colour you chose for that track
Qty Quantity ordered of that track
*Child Safety Device (Integral 10483) Y/N Write ‘Y’ or ‘N’, depending on whether or not the system is a 3840 system, complete with Silent Gliss Colorama Wave Curtains. Please see below the Product form for more details.
Overall Width The chosen width for your track.
Location The room or place where the track will be fitted.
**Installation height In millimetres, the height from ceiling to bottom of pull cords. Please see below the Product form for more details.
Input (LH / RH / or B) ***Left / right or both side operation Choose whether the pull cord should be placed on the right hand side, left hand side or both. Please see below the Product form for more details.
Input (T/F or A) Top or Face fixing or Adjustable brackets How the track is going to be fixed: to the top, face, or with adjustable brackets.
Bracket number if known or projection in mm The projection is the distance of the track from the wall.
Method (LH / RH / Pair or Centre Stacking) Whether the track will be stacked on the left hand, right hand, pair or centre-stacked.
****Enhanced Wave (Option 1, 2, 3, None) Which Enhanced Wave option the track includes, if any. Please see below the Product form for more details.
Cord Drop The length or drop of the cord that operates the track.
Wave Tracks please tick (If face 11201 bkt = 60mm; 11202 = 80mm; 60mm 80mm) Please tick the check box to choose whether the track face has a 60mm (code 11201) or 80mm (code 11202) bracket.

What to do next

Once the sheet is filled, please send it to us along with your order number and we will proceed to complete the order, or contact you back if something is missing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help. We are available on live chat during our normal business hours.